Making the Right Connections

2019 marks 100 years since a man of great generosity and little ego, Titus B. Schmid, founded a company dedicated to conducting business in a Midwestern small town. Committing to a smaller community and its local electrical contractors allowed Titus to build close relationships with customers and receive a more intricate understanding of their businesses and the electrical industry. His mission was to stay connected.

As we’ve grown to become a Top 10 Electrical Distributor, we’ve remained committed to staying connected. Connected to our customers, communities, suppliers and employees. Now with the supplier partnerships, talent and resources of a national company, we’re proud to still consider those we do business with part of our rich history, part of our success and part of our Crescent family.

Connected to our Heritage

As we look towards our next 100 years, we understand the importance of staying connected to the original mission and values established by Titus B. Schmid. Take time to enjoy the historical reflections of Mary Daugherty, a Schmid family descendant and historian, and discover how leadership and the drive toward prosperity can also fuel compassion, generosity and community.

Celebration Across All 160 Locations