Comply and Manage Plug Load Control Requirements for Cheaper

Author: WattStopper

Less is more when it comes to being energy efficient and code compliant on a firm budget. That's why the Isole Power Strip is for you. 

WattStopper's IDP-3050-A is a solution that helps your facility comply with and effortlessly manage plug load control requirements—without breaking the bank. We'll share a few ways you can reduce the power consumed from your plugged-in loads. 

What is plug load control? Plug load control is the ability to limit the electricity used by the products that are powered by an ordinary AC plug.

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Commercial Building Energy Consumption & Code Compliance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, office equipment is still projected to be the fastest-growing use of energy through 2020. Plugs and process loads command 33% of energy use and are projected to grow by 49% by the year 2030.

Section 8.4.2 of ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2013 mandates that 50% of 15- and 20-amp, 125 VAC receptacles are to be controlled in private offices, open offices, computer classrooms, reception lobbies, conference rooms, kitchenette areas, copy rooms, and hotel/motel guest rooms.

Code-Driven Application Breakdown - ISOLE PLUG CONTROL 

COMMERCIAL OFFICE - Cut power to monitors, printers, space heaters and more when not in use via a personal occupancy sensor.
1) ASHRAE 90.1: Private offices, conference rooms, print/copy rooms, break rooms, and individual work stations
2) Title 24: Private offices, open offices, kitchenette areas, reception lobbies, copy rooms

HOSPITALITY - Shut off appliances when room becomes vacant.
1) Title 24: Hotel/motel guest rooms

EDUCATION - Eliminate vampire loads in computer labs (energy consumed when a device is turned off but plugged in).
I) ASHRAE 90.1: Classrooms
2) Title 24: Computer classrooms

Estimating and Implementing

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that plug loads account for one-third of energy use in commercial buildings, so there's definitely an opportunity for cost savings. The actual savings that each specific building can achieve, through a sound plug load strategy, will depend on a number of factors, including the mix of plugged-in equipment in the given building and the daily use and habits of building occupants.

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