LED Technology Fits the Bill

Author: Denny Hancock | Business Development Manager | Elk Grove Village, IL

Schmalz Precast Concrete Plant in East Dubuque, IL

As America emerges from some tough economic times, facilities are left across the nation with yesterday’s tech. Fluorescent and HID lighting systems hit the wallet hard with frequent maintenance needs and steady power consumption.



Retrofitting with LED technology is allowing customers to improve their lighting while saving upwards of 40% on their lighting loads. The reduction of energy costs can fund a lighting upgrade; dollars saved off the electric bill are dollars used to offset the cost of retrofitting. Even better, with tax incentives and utility rebates, seeing a return on your investment after two years is easily a reality.

Today’s maintenance departments are often short-staffed and workers are tasked with the upkeep for a substantial amount of equipment. LED technology has come a long way and some manufacturers have been promoting 10-year lifetimes. These longer lifetimes help to cut down on the time spent replacing lamps or ballasts, freeing up your staff to accomplish more productive tasks.

Lumen maintenance is another hallmark of improved LED technology. Shortly after installation, traditional lamps begin to lose their light output as Lumens steadily decrease until lamps hit their rated lifetime and eventually fail. LEDs offer better Lumen maintenance over their lifetime.

Retrofitting a customer’s lighting is one of the most fun and rewarding projects at a time where the electrical industry is at an intersection of rising energy costs and technological breakthroughs. Lighting experts are in the right place at the right time to apply their training, solve customer problems, and help reduce the environmental footprint.

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