Need to Vent? ASHRAE 62.2

Author: Josh Buysse | Account Manager | Las Vegas, NV

One item in every home that tends to get very little consideration is the bath fan. However, new code changes are bringing this important building requirement to the forefront.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed set guidelines for continuous whole home ventilation, ASHRAE 62.2. This residential ventilation standard outlines the minimum requirement for residential buildings three stories and under.

Two main requirements of ASHRAE 62.2

  1. Whole house mechanical ventilation to maintain acceptable air quality.

  2. Local exhaust fans in each kitchen and bathroom to reduce the levels of contaminants and moisture in these spaces.

Field experts have declared that mechanical ventilation in homes is necessary to protect not only the health of residential occupants but the long-term value of their homes as well; lack of ventilation in kitchen and bathroom areas has been found to significantly contribute to the presence of contaminants and mold growth.

Meeting these requirements is made simple with an ULTRA GREEN™ Series Motion Sensing Fan from Broan®. For contractors, installation is quick and retrofitting this fan can be done on a ladder from the room side—no need to crawl around in a hot or cold attic. The adjustable mounting frame with snap-in-place blower assembly assures placement accuracy and gets you on and off the job more quickly.

You’ll be surprised at how quietly this system runs. Operating at 0.3 Sones, the ULTRA GREEN™ Series Motion Sensing Fan is nearly silent (for comparison, 1 Sone is equal to the noise a refrigerator makes when it kicks on). With its ULTRASense™ motion sensing technology, the fan will self-adjust its speeds when detecting motion and will slow down after an occupant has left the room. Another option is the humidity sensing model, which is triggered by rising humidity levels. With either option, you’re assured there will be suitable ventilation to combat the dangers of contaminants and mold growth. Although quite powerful, Broan’s ULTRA GREEN™ Series fans not only meet Energy Star® requirements, they surpass them. With their ULTRASmart™ DC Motor & Control Technology, the efficiency that these fans provide is almost 10 times greater than what is needed to be Energy Star® certified.

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