Our 97th Anniversary & cesco.com Enhancements

Author: Emily Comperda | East Dubuque, IL

Today marks Crescent Electric Supply Company's 97th anniversary of service to the electrical industry. With cesco.com, we've optimized our business for today and the years to come.

Order History

An invoice from 1919.

  • Order History, which stores information for all online and offline orders, allows customers to complete more advanced searching and filtering options. Order History gives customers the opportunity to check back on a certain time period, see whether invoices have been paid at a glance, etc.

  • To assist with speed and accounting accuracy, a grand total will show at the bottom of the order history page reflecting the sum of the filtered orders.

  • From the Order History page, customers are able to add open quotes to the shopping cart. They can even add past orders – reordering has never been easier! This is a fluid, omni-channel exchange between our customers and their dedicated Account Manager.


  • With cesco.com, customers don’t have to go anywhere else to discover comparable products or figure out what accessories they might need to go with their purchase; recommendations are displayed on every product page. In-stock products are prioritized so that customers are shown products that they'll be able to obtain more quickly first.

  • For added transparency, customers are shown when they’ve last purchased items as they navigate through cesco.com.

  • Because our business account customers are given a customized shopping experience for each of their jobs, they're always shown the job account they’re browsing cesco.com with, and switching between job accounts is made simple.

A Crescent Electric delivery truck in Davenport, Iowa. Circa 1930.

Shopping Lists

  • Our shopping list feature gives customers the opportunity to group items into convenient lists and save time down the road. Going a step further, cesco.com provides automated shopping lists that customers don’t have to manage. There are a variety of shopping lists available to our customers at any time, some of which include:

    • Best Selling Products in your Area – Contains 100 of the most popular items in the customer’s area.

    • Frequently Purchased – Contains the top 50 items that the customer’s account orders.

    • Job Account – Contains every item that has ever been purchased on a specific job account.

    • Product History – Contains every item a customer has purchased for the last two years.

    • Customer Part Numbers – Contains the items that an Account Manager has loaded into Crescent Electric’s ERP system with a customer part number.

    • Customers Like You Also Purchased – Contains 25 items that other customers with a similar purchasing history bought.

  • Shopping lists give customers the opportunity to collaborate with their Account Managers or fellow employees while building orders. Shopping lists can be emailed to anyone, which removes communication barriers for employees who may not be registered under their company's account.

Quick Order Pad

  • We know that it's redundant for customers to have their field employee email a parts list and then have their purchaser spend time looking up every individual part on a distributor’s website. With the Quick Order Pad, purchasers are able to perform a mass upload of items to their shopping cart by simply uploading an Excel file.

  • Because Crescent Electric understands that every company has their own preferred way of keeping track of parts, customers can choose from a wide list of input types, including:

    • SKU

    • Part #

    • Manufacturer's Part #

    • UPC

A photo of the early days of Crescent Electric's Sales Department.

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