The Key to Incremental Revenue

Author: Ed Gyllenhammer | District Manager | Las Vegas, NV

It’s hard to overstate the importance of incremental revenue. Generating incremental revenue increases the likelihood that a company will be able to meet current obligations, reinvest in business growth, and increase cash reserves.

Most successful businesses have developed ways to drive incremental revenue through add-on selling and upselling. We’ve all heard the phrases like:

“Would you like fries with that?”

“The V6 would give you a lot more power!”

“Have you saved room for dessert?”

Each of these statements is part of a highly effective strategy to increase the amount of revenue generated during a customer interaction by appealing to a customer’s unspoken needs and wants.

So how does this translate into the electrical industry and how can your customers capitalize on the benefits of your business partnering with Crescent Electric Supply Company, one of the top electrical distributors in the nation? It’s simple: by offering compelling products and superior services at a fair price.

Compelling Products

LED Fixtures. Facilities all over the nation are using yesterday’s outdated tech, providing the perfect opportunity to recommend an upgrade. Asking a customer if they’d like to upgrade to an LED fixture is a lot like selling a V6 engine. Installation adds value and it improves performance, but when it comes down to it, it’s an expensive nice-to-have that most people balk at spending money on. When an incandescent or HID fixture is working fine, it’s hard for most people to look at the long term benefits. However, the difference between an LED fixture and a V6 engine is quite important; cars will depreciate in value while fixtures using LEDs eventually pay for themselves.

LED Retrofits. If you understand the long-term value of installing LEDs but can’t afford to replace every fixture all at once (and want to keep a uniformed aesthetic), retrofitting existing features with available LED retrofit solutions is the next best option.

Superior Services

Competitive Trade Pricing. When you partner with Crescent, your company qualifies for special pricing, which will help you to provide competitive quotes to your customers. gives you around-the-clock access to your pricing and more.

Innovative Inventory Solutions. Crescent Integrated Supply makes it easy to generate incremental sales as you conduct your everyday business transactions with the help of innovative inventory solutions, such as Crescent Stockroom. You'll always be prepared with this easy-to-use and quick-to-implement tool that increases order accuracy, streamlines the ordering process, and lowers operational costs.

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