5 Ways Your Account Manager Helps You Achieve Rebate Success

Author: Ramah Husidic | Account Manager | Waterloo, IA

A distributor's business is growing your business. Your account manager is trained to make product recommendations that will give you the biggest return on your investment.


If you have an account manager, you know they're a huge asset. Here are five ways account managers can help you achieve rebate success:

Map of U.S. power plants, including coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, oil, biomass, solar, and wind plants.

Map of U.S. power plants, including coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, oil, biomass, solar, and wind plants.

1. They know your geographical area. Rebates are driven by your area’s surrounding power plants. Account managers have the training to let you know which products will help you capitalize on rebates specific to your local power plants and energy providers.

2. They don’t stop at lighting. Account managers look beyond obvious lighting retrofits for ways to save you money. For instance, your account manager is able to work with engineers who specialize in electrical automation and control to recommend products like high efficiency motors and variable speed drives.  

3. They partner with your energy provider. Your account manager will join forces with your local energy provider to iron out all of the details, like which parties will be involved, who will put together the rebate, who will do the calculations, who will provide the project specs, etc. Account managers connect all parties and set everything in motion so that you can rest assured that you’re being taken care of.

4. They stay up to date. Rebates change every year, and account managers take an active role in educating themselves so they’re able to provide you with the latest opportunities. Account managers look for energy conferences in your area that cover available rebates. They also order information on yearly rebates from energy providers.

5. They qualify projects ahead of time. If you let your account manager know of a big upcoming project, he or she will be able to walk you through the steps needed to qualify for a rebate.

Once you qualify for a rebate, Crescent Electric's energy solutions team is able to help you with completing the utility rebate portion of your project.

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