Your Project Management Team is Here to Help

Michelle Russcher | Project Manager | Grand Rapids, MI

With Crescent Electric, you have access to a project management team equipped with advanced resources to ensure the success of your projects.


Working with Crescent Electric on a large project is simple. You’ll be provided with one contact who will keep everything organized for you throughout the entire progression of your project. Read on to learn about the four reasons why you can use a project manager for your next large project.

1. What you need, delivered where and when you need it. Your project manager can easily release partial POs for you and keep track of what has been ordered and what is still on hold. If you have an order where you need your product delivered all to one location or split and delivered to separate locations, Crescent Electric is able to keep all these deliveries organized and scheduled to meet your needs. You will receive a shipping report that keeps you updated on the progress of your order and you can request how often you wish to receive this report.

2. Sometimes things happen, and when they do, we’ll handle it so you can stay focused on the big picture. Your project manager will handle all damaged-upon-arrival and defective product returns for you. We’ll schedule a time to pick up the product. Crescent Electric sends the item(s) back to the factory and has a replacement sent out ASAP. You’re notified as soon as the replacement(s) ships out.

3. We’re as flexible as we are organized. Change orders are easily folded into the scope of your large project by your project manager. Your changes supersede outdated orders and every single product and price change made to the order is documented.

4. Our knowledge is your knowledge. Crescent Electric’s advanced reporting system allows your project manager to produce a range of on-demand and scheduled reports that keep you informed as the job progresses. Need to see a shipping status, project reconciliation, or percentage of completion? Your project manager has you covered.

This project management service is just one of the benefits of partnering with a dedicated distributor like Crescent Electric. Speak to your local branch today about how we can help your next project run smoothly from start to finish.

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