Get into the Habit of Saying YES!

Mark Mayfield | Branch Manager | Fort Collins, CO

Dramatically increase your business opportunities and your sales by saying YES.

In today’s fast-paced, demanding market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and too busy to add more to your plate. While it’s important not to over-commit, there are pitfalls to getting in the habit of saying NO. Don’t let your solution-oriented YES attitude take a backseat!

Keep Your Sale

When a customer takes the time to drive to your location and ask for something, it's an automatic sale...given you have what they need. If you don't and you still find a way to say YES, you've kept that sale. Perhaps more importantly, you've kept a competitor from getting that sale.

Retain Your Customers

If you don't show your customer that you take their needs seriously, they'll shop around for someone who does. When you get a rare or out-of-the-box request, think it through with a solution-oriented attitude and let your great customer service remind your customers why they shop with you.

Increase Your Market Share

Excellent customer service is key to customer retention, but customer service can also increase your market share. When you find a way to help a new customer who was told NO by your competitor, you’ve been handed the opportunity to prove yourself.

Here are a couple of examples of how saying YES made a difference:

“A gentleman came to my counter looking for a breaker we didn’t carry. He explained that he was visiting his daughter and trying to help her install a dryer. I could have easily said we don’t carry that brand, sorry, good luck. But I took a few minutes to find a distributor in town that had the breaker in stock, he thanked me and went away happy. A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail from the president of an electrical company thanking me for treating his brother-in-law professionally and for providing great customer service. In this case our company made a good impression on a major player in the industry without even realizing it.”

“I received a phone call from a facilities guy at a large company that wasn’t doing business with us, telling me he needed a breaker and that his usual supply house couldn’t get it for two to three days. We didn’t have the breaker in stock either, but when he asked me if I could find it, I said YES. I found the breaker, called the customer, and told him I’d be able to get the breaker to him in two and a half hours. We delivered the breaker and over the course of the following week we received several more calls that we were able to service with our YES attitude. This customer became a loyal, profitable account.”

Bottom line is that saying YES isn’t always right, but always saying NO can lead you to miss out on big opportunities. Squash your inner instinct to immediately say NO and ask yourself if there is a solution you can deliver.

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