About GE Lighting's Lumination™ RX Series Downlight

Author: Adam Schnell | Energy Business Development Manager | Minneapolis, MN

Avoid the hassle of burnt-out CFL lamps and aging CFL ballasts; it’s time to switch over to the new GE Lighting Lumination™ RX Series LED downlights.

Consider the Lumination™ RX Series by GE Lighting. These economical lights are available in both 6-inch and 8-inch rounds with a quick connect power supply to make for easy installation.

Numerous applications. The Lumination™ RX Series downlights have a 120-277v input and lumen output options from 1,000 to 3,000 lumens so they can be used in a variety of spaces, like inside and outside offices, retail locations, clinics, and more. (They've been especially popular inside clinics.) The CRI trend with these lights has been to install 3,500k soffits inside and 4000k soffits outside. For instance, Crescent Electric Supply Company's Minneapolis, Minnesota, branch just helped a children's hospital upgrade to GE Lighting's RX Series downlights from their old 100-Watt metal halide downlights. It increased the light level for security purposes as well as provided better exterior aesthetics. You can immediately see the difference in light level outside compared to metal halide lights. A higher light level contributes to a safer atmosphere and reduces danger likely to occur in poorly-lit areas.

Attractive savings. Depending on the application, the energy savings can be anywhere from 46%-79%. Not only do these fixtures save energy, they help you save on maintenance costs. Installation is speedy (5 minutes or less), and the 50,000-hour rated life/5-year warranty means the average building owner or tenant won’t have to worry about touching these lights for years to come (and if for some reason they do — it’s covered). Read more about LED savings in our past article, "LED Technology Fits the Bill."