7 Reasons Why LED Lighting is Made for You

Dan Buhr | Account Manager | Grand Rapids, MI

Are you safety cautious, budget focused, or sustainability minded? Here are 7 personality types that will get the most out of LED technology.

1. THE BUdget Minded

Energy Savings. Everyone has heard that there are energy savings to be had by switching incandescent, halogen, HID, or fluorescent fixtures to LED. However, once the numbers have been personalized toward you (including hours of operation, kWh rate, and existing wattage), the energy savings calculation will quantify the value of your project. These numbers will show your ROI, Payback, and the Cost of Waiting. Read our past blog article on LED vs. Incandescent savings. Additionally, you can take into account the Energy Policy Act (EPAct), which provides for a $0.60-per-square-foot tax deduction for all qualifying lighting upgrades. Click here for more information. The Budget Minded personality in you will see irresistible savings from multiple angles.


Utility Incentives. If you grab the rebate coupons after checking out at the local hardware store, then you'll likely respond to the utility incentives that go hand-in-hand with LED technology. Most states have utility programs that provide huge incentives for energy-efficient lighting upgrades. These incentives can cut down on payback time and bring a faster return on your investment. When you partner with a distributor like Crescent Electric Supply Company, we'll provide an Account Manager who will speak to your local energy provider and be ready with the information you need.


Maintenance Savings. There is huge savings in eliminating wasted time and devoting resources to more important tasks. For example, consider that LED technology can reduce ladder time for your maintenance crew. Once you learn how much it costs per hour for your staff to work on lighting; you'll see how much you could be saving by putting those ladders away for the next 5-10 years. Learn more in a past article of ours, LED vs. Incandescent, and how to figure in the cost of maintenance.


Aesthetics. LED lighting gives you more control over your environment, allowing you to create the ideal ambiance for every occasion. Boost employee productivity, increase product sales, and more with an LED lighting upgrade.


Security. Improper lighting can be a source of nightmares: What if the lights are out in the stairwell and someone trips and falls? What if the parking lot is poorly lit and someone is mugged? What if a maintenance worker falls off a ladder while changing a lamp? LEDs offer a longer rated life and can eliminate traditional lamps, while producing better lighting, giving you a good reason to upgrade today.


Financing. Did you know there are many financing options available for projects involving energy upgrades? A lighting upgrade can be financed with a payment plan less than your energy savings, giving you a net positive cash flow. How does cheaper than free sound?

7. THE Sustainability Manager

Environmental Impact. Interested in quantifying your environmental impact? There are programs, such as ecoInsight, that will provide you with this type of data based on the energy saving numbers you input. Look at Greenhouse Gases produced along with barrels of oil consumed, urban forests consumed, etc. to see how your LED upgrade can make a difference.

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