Using the Right Tool for the Job

Author: Eric Bates | Warehouse| Milwaukee, WI

Don't sacrifice your business's integrity or your employees' safety to save a few bucks.

Too often companies try to cut costs by not purchasing the right tool for a job. They figure that a knowledgeable and experienced contractor should be able to make it work. In the end, that line of thinking could cost your company big dollars. Below you’ll find an example of a company not providing the right tools for a job and the consequences that followed.

"Company X was hired to change the plugs for several hundred light fixtures within a tight deadline. The company laid out the task at hand and the employees went to work. One of the tasks was to strip the cord for the new plug. The tools given to the employees were a utility knife and cable stripper that was too small for the wire gauge being stripped. There are serious safety issues with using a utility knife to strip off wire casing. With this job worth thousands of dollars and the prospect of more jobs to come in the future, Company X couldn’t afford anything to go wrong or for anyone to get hurt.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but using a utility knife led to the damage of three cords that were put into the plugs. Utility knives offer little control and the copper had been exposed. The product was delivered to the customer who was dissatisfied by the end result. The company put future business in jeopardy while putting their employees at risk for injury. Company X did get another job with the understanding that it would be done right. Instead of cutting costs for the next job, the company purchased two $30 dollar tools to complete the task in a safer and more professional manner. The result was much better the second time around and Company X earned future business as a result."

Company X put everything on the line over $60. Is "saving" $60 worth losing future business and potentially injuring an employee? No. The next time an employee comes into your office and asks for a specific tool for their upcoming job, don’t shoot their request down without first thinking of the long-term benefits. Read our past blog post on the importance of having a solution-oriented YES attitude.

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