A Behind-the-Sign Look at GE Lighting's Solution for Cheyenne's VA Medical Center

Author: Cody Delay | Counter Sales - Warehouse | Cheyenne, WY

Sign in front of the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sign in front of the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming

An LED sign upgrade did the trick, and the benefits shine brightly.

Just recently, the Chief of Police in Cheyenne, Wyoming, had reached his last straw with Cheyenne VA Medical Center’s troublesome sign. After two years of one problem after another, the sign that was supposed to light up as a beacon to those needing care had given out for good. The Police Chief filled out a work order and the project was assigned to one of the medical center’s electricians.

The VA Medical Center’s electrician contacted their local Cheyenne Crescent Electric branch. Crescent Electric worked with their local GE representative to present a brand-new solution: new GE Lighting Linefit LEDs that can revive any T12HO fluorescent sign. Together they identified all the parts that were needed to upgrade the sign. Once the VA got approval for the project, two 42-inch light bars (GEF42T12SGNHOLED), three 36-inch light bars (GEF36T12SGNHOLED) and two GE LED drivers (GEPS24-180U)(GEPS24-100U) were used in the upgrade.

More about GE Lighting’s Linefit LEDs

The design of these LED light bars will improve your light quality and remove any shadows that you would have had with your fluorescent tubes. Not only will these LED light bars boast an impressive aesthetic, they will save you money. They're 76% more energy efficient than the T12HO fluorescent tubes and require less maintenance over their rated life.

Installing these Linefit LED light bars is very easy. Once you have taken out the old lamps and the ballasts, all you have to do is hook up the LED driver to the power. Then, each light bar goes into the existing R17d lamp socket. After the LED light bars are in, you'll hook up each light bar to the next using the jumpers that come installed on each light bar.

The medical center's electrician was very pleased with how easy these were to install and they are now pursuing more LED lighting upgrades. After the installation was completed, the Cheyenne Police Chief was happy with how quickly the issue was resolved and how impressive the sign looks.

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