Account Manager Rides RAGBRAI for his 21st Year

Author: Tyson Cremeens | Digital Marketing Manager | East Dubuque, IL

Steve Snook, Account Manager at Crescent Electric's Ottumwa, Iowa branch, will participate in RAGBRAI for his 21st year.

Crescent Electric is a 2016 Sponsor of RAGBRAI.

Crescent Electric is a 2016 Sponsor of RAGBRAI.

What is RAGBRAI? RAGBRAI (the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) is an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state of Iowa that draws thousands of riders from all 50 states and across the world. This is RAGBRAI's 43rd year, and is the oldest, largest, and longest bicycle touring event in the world. The route changes every year. This year's ride starts in Glenwood, IA on July 24th and ends in Muscatine, IA on July 30th for a total of 424.3 miles! Crescent Electric is proud to be a Friend of RAGBRAI by supporting this year's ride.

In honor of RAGBRAI, we interviewed Steve Snook, Account manager from our Ottumwa, IA branch. This marks his 21st year riding RAGBRAI.

Steve Snook, Account Manager, Ottumwa, IA Branch.

Steve Snook, Account Manager, Ottumwa, IA Branch.

Steve began his career at Crescent Electric as a truck driver in 1990, and through a series of promotions, arrived at an Outside Sales position which he currently holds. Steve has worked for Crescent Electric for 26 years and counting!

Beginning his average day with a trip to the YMCA or a bike ride, Steve is in the office with coffee in one hand and a bagel with peanut butter in the other. Jokingly, Steve says he's "the coffee guy" because no one else can drink the stuff out back that the contractors call "coffee."

Steve's favorite part of working at Crescent Electric is knowing the ever-evolving products, and finding solutions for customers. "I love to say that a product will do the job or solve the problem with confidence," says Steve. "My favorite part of our website,, is the access to part specification sheets. With the click of a mouse, I (or the customer) can get all the information needed. Even competitors use our site because it's so handy."

It’s not always about today’s order, it’s about taking care of your customers, building relationships, and treating them fairly.

Steve continues, "I remember one Saturday morning an industrial account of mine called at 6 AM; they had a line down and needed a control item. Lucky for us, our Crescent location near St. Louis had it on the shelf. I called their emergency contact and he put the parts out on their dock. So then I asked my son if he’d like to go on a trip, and we had a great day driving to St. Louis to help out one of my accounts. It really paid off later that year when they installed some new equipment and Crescent Electric got the entire bill of material. It’s not always about today’s order, it’s about taking care of your customers, building relationships, and treating them fairly."

According to Steve, the hottest products right now are LED lamps and lighting solutions. Solar Panels are also a large opportunity. He finds other opportunities at industrials with Phoenix Contact, Eaton, and other controls. "With the support of our great staff like John Gordon, Marty Cable, and Mike Christe, all I have to do is identify and they're on it" says Steve.

Steve Snook, on the road with his carbon fiber bike.

Steve Snook, on the road with his carbon fiber bike.

Splitting time between work and his bicycling passion can be tough; Steve prefers to ride before work because it pumps him up and sets the tone for the day. He feels it gives him an advantage because he's fired up and ready to hit it by 7:30am. "I started riding the year before I came to Crescent Electric, so it's been 27 years now. I've probably ridden over 40,000 miles in that time. I try to ride 2,000 miles a year." 

Starting out with an old, heavy, cross bike, Steve was able to log a few RAGBRAI rides. Then he found his current road bike and fell in love with it. "The carbon fiber frame is so light weight and responsive that it's much easier to climb hills," Steve says. "I have so many great experiences on RAGBRAI. I've ridden 20 of them (soon to be 21), and there's just something about getting on your bike with 10,000 other like-minded people, and crossing our beautiful state. It’s such a showcase for Iowa. People from all over the world come here, and can’t believe how friendly and hospitable we Iowans are. I remember when we stopped at a small town one year, I can’t remember the name, but someone had made little Elvis costumes for 6 or 8 kids, probably 4 or 5 years old. They were on stage and just so darned cute, they had all the moves and lip synced the music, it was just a hoot!"

Steve and others from around the company participating in the ride will be wearing the new Crescent Electric RAGBRAI jerseys. Look for Steve and his family on the ride next week. He (and his son, Joe, and daughter, April) plan on riding the first six days this year, taking off the last day. Having ridden the entire route many times before, he enjoys taking a break on that last day, and still gets in around 380 miles.

Stop by the Crescent Electric Supply Company tents in Glenwood and Ottumwa, featuring information, giveaways, and prizes (including a bike stand and rack from 1UpUSA,valued at over $300, and brand new bike or gift certificate valued at $600)!

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