Switch It Up Without Rewiring: GoConex Wireless Control

Author: Carl Freiburger | Sales Promotions & Merchandise Manager | East Dubuque, IL

With the flexibility of a GoConex switch, you have a simple solution: a wireless switch that can be transported or attached anywhere.

Imagine not needing to rewire when you’d like to install a new switch or move a switch to a more convenient location. Opening up walls is an expensive endeavor, and Levven GoConex delivers an affordable solution for homes and businesses. 

GoConex Load Controllers for residential or commercial areas give you wireless control over your lighting and motors. You can control the on and off function anywhere in your home (or business), including garages, detached buildings, and exterior lights—even while in your car. The switch range is up to 250 feet from the controller (roughly 8/10s the length of a football field) so it’s up to you where you’d like to install or carry it.

Wiring is simple. Install the controller in the first fixture box of the circuit you want to control and you have eliminated the need for wiring the switch leg(s). Controllers are available already paired with one, two, or three switches. You can add up to 10 switches to control one load and you can add a switch so it can be paired with multiple load controllers (i.e. your exterior and interior lights controlled from your vehicle as you drive up). The GoConex switch has a watch type battery with a 10-year life expectancy. This solution is an opportunity to install control almost anywhere you don’t want to fish wire, trench, or tear out a wall. GoConex kits control up to ½ horsepower motors, making them perfect for adding a bath fan or adding a garbage disposal - no wires above the counter and no shock hazard! When it comes to lighting, the GoConex kits control up to 600 watts of incandescent, 150 watts of LED and CFL, and 256 watts of fluorescent. The switch is available in white, but you can special order light almond. Contractor packs are available.

From the makers of GoConex:

Runner up for the 2016 Green Building Product of the Year award

Runner up for the 2016 Green Building Product of the Year award

Your Project Matters. Over five years, if new home builders in North America eliminated the wire and boxes used for wire switches, the world would save:

  • 249.5 million lbs of copper

  • 128.5 million lbs of plastic

  • 57 million lbs of steel

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