When Time is Money, You Shouldn't have to Wait

Author: Emily Comperda | East Dubuque, IL

Partner with a distributor who understands the value of your time.

Great distributors value your time just as much as you do. They endlessly strive for ways to improve their processes to get you what you need as quickly as possible, incorporating the latest developments in fundamental technology, like providing powerful mobile capabilities. You deserve to be listened to and have your feedback incorporated, and that's exactly what Crescent Electric has done with our new mobile app.

Two big features available exclusively on the app

  1. Barcode Scanning. You have the opportunity to quickly and accurately add products to your shopping cart without needing to type in part numbers.

  2. Submit a Photo. This feature allows you to take a picture of a product and send it to product experts for identification or cross referencing assistance.

The cesco app simplifies searching for and identifying products. You can have a seamless experience when you do business with Crescent Electric, from your smart phone, to your account manager, to your desktop computer. The mobile app and site are both optimized for a quick experience on the go, allowing you to navigate directly to the products you need with no fluff. When time is money, you shouldn't have to wait.

Download the app today from Google Play or the App Store.


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