Retrofit Recommendations for Residential Lighting

Author: Curt Maloney | Inside Sales Representative | Grand Island, NE

People are always trying to find ways to cut energy costs and save money, be it with high-tech, energy-efficient appliances or the old school way of refusing to turn on your A/C.

Lucky for us, there are better ways to save energy than turning your house into a large sauna. As a sales person, I get asked quite frequently about simple ways to save money in a residential household. I almost always give the same answer. LED lighting—LED technology has come a long way in a short matter of time, now brighter and more efficient than ever. And just like clockwork, people shoot back with, “Well I don’t really want to install new fixtures. I like the ones we have now.” Well, that’s the great thing about technology advancing; now we have solutions to offer.

LED Retrofit Solutions

Halo RL56 Series. One of the most common items I recommend to residential customers is a can light retrofit kit made by Halo. It simply plugs into an existing can light and snaps right into place. They can be installed in less than a minute and use less than half the energy of its older lighting counterpart.

GE Lighting LED A19 Replacement Lamp. Another popular item I recommend is your standard GE Lighting A19 replacement. These lamps can replace your standard 60 watt lamp while using only 11 watts. To give you an example, by swapping out only 10 of these lamps, you will be saving as much energy as a running refrigerator.

"By swapping out only 10 of these lamps, you will be saving as much energy as a running refrigerator."

Next time someone asks if you know of an effective, simple way to cut energy costs in a residence, remember LED lighting retrofits.

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