VFDs: Not as Scary as they Used to Be

Author: Joel Jorgensen | Account Manager | Sioux Falls, SD

When it comes to variable frequency drives (VFDs), a lot of us might be overwhelmed and shy away from looking into the details. However, this article simplifies what a VFD is and how it benefits you. This way you’re not in the dark about a great value add and energy-saving solution.

The key to knowing which VFD is right for you is reading the motor nameplate and evaluating the application. Check out the voltage, full load amps (FLAs)—provides a better indicator than motor horsepower), RPMs of the motor, frequency, and power factor of the motor you’re controlling. Access the type of work your motor is doing (ie., running an exhaust fan, running a commercial grinder).

Start driving up production levels without sacrificing equipment and quality. VFDs, like soft starts, offer the ability to gradually bring a motor up to speed, saving wear and tear on the motor and reducing starting inrush current. They offer advanced motor protection as well. Drives have the added bonus of being able to control speed of the motor, offering energy savings if a motor doesn’t need to run at full voltage all of the time. Eliminating wear and tear on your motor maximizes the lifetime of your machinery and decreases downtime. With increased productivity and fewer mistakes, VFDs are the ticket to a steady revenue stream.

Start-up is a snap. Most drives offer a start-up wizard that only requires minimal information (remember that motor nameplate?) to get your drive up and running in short order. All in a package, that in some cases, can be just as competitive in cost as a full voltage starter.

Of course, this blog is just scratching the surface of the capabilities of what a VFD can do. External control via potentiometers, sensors, and communications can all come into play. If this is what you’re looking for, your Crescent Electric account manager will connect with the manufacturer to get you set up with what you need. VFDs can seem intimidating from the outside looking in, but by not looking into them you are bypassing the opportunity to improve your processes as well as your bottom line.

Contact your local Crescent Electric branch for assistance with finding the right VFD to make your processes more efficient right away.

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