Mobile Connectivity with Phoenix Contact mGuard

Author: Brett Dolbeer | Automation Product Specialist | Dayton, OH

Securely VPN (Virtual Private Networking) into your network via Apple® iOS devices.

Recent enhancements to the Phoenix Contact mGuard Secure Cloud portal have added the ability to easily connect iOS devices (iPads®, iPhones®, etc.) securely to machine networks with the security of VPN. No "apps" are required; the Secure Cloud portal makes use of the VPN capability built-in to the Apple® iOS operating system. So not only can you get your computer securely connected to remote equipment with the security of VPN, you can also get your mobile device connected as well.


When you create a new "Workstation" on the Secure Cloud portal, you will see an option for "Native iOS VPN Client." Select that, enter your password, and complete the wizard. You will then have the option to download the VPN configuration (make sure you use the Safari browser for this option), or email the configuration. Either route will then take you to the automated installation of the VPN certificate.

Note: Android devices can also be connected to the Secure Cloud portal through an app called "NCP VPN Client Premium." Once that app is purchased/installed, a call to the Phoenix Contact Tech Support team will get you connected.

Don't get stuck with other industrial VPN solutions that want to charge you for having multiple accounts or limit the amount of bandwidth you can use each month. The Phoenix Contact mGuard Secure Cloud service is free, including an unlimited number of machines and users, and no restrictions on bandwidth used.

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