Crescent Electric Announces the Winner of the "Energy Efficient" Scholarship

Crescent Electric Supply Company is proud to announce the winner of our “Energy Efficient” Scholarship. Congratulations to Destinee Whittington, a sophomore at Alabama State University! She is majoring in communications with a focus in radio and television.

While we received hundreds of great scholarship submissions, hers stood out because she showed how she reduces her carbon footprint in multiple ways. She said she uses reusable water bottles, grows her own vegetables, monitors the thermostat, and recycles. 

“This scholarship was an amazing opportunity to display my healthy habits toward keeping the Earth clean,” Destinee said.

The habits she highlighted reflect that.

Recycling and using reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce waste by keeping things like plastic bottles out of circulation and out of landfills. And using recycled materials means less new, raw materials have to be created.

Growing your own vegetables at home is not only a great learning experience, it also can help reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of having the food transported and then driving to go pick it up, you can just walk outside your door!

Finally, heating and cooling account for almost half of energy consumption in the home. By paying attention to the thermostat, and adjusting it a couple degrees up or down (depending on the season), you can reduce how much energy you use, and therefore your carbon footprint.

“I know that going green is important because it will help future generations breathe and live in a much cleaner environment,” she commented. “Going green sets the foundation for healthy living, not just for humans but animals and other organisms as well.”

Destinee’s scholarship submission showed that she is mindful of her impact on the environment and her carbon footprint. These four small things she shared will help reduce it and help her live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Congratulations, Destinee!