5 Tips to Adopting LED Lighting


5 Tips to Adopting LED Lighting at Your Healthcare Facility

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When I discuss replacing lighting with a client, I’m immediately met with concerns about cost and downtime. LED lighting is often considered a commodity few healthcare facilities can afford. An initiative pushed to the bottom of prioritizations amongst a list of objectives expected to grow and expand a facility. However, when lighting represents 15% of your total energy consumption and 43% of your electrical use, it’s time to be strategic about your lighting solutions.

I try to explain to all my clients that you don’t have to break your budget nor experience downtime to upgrade. In fact, moving to LED lighting has led all my customers to significant cost-savings and increased efficiencies at their healthcare facilities. The list I’ve compiled includes the tricks they used to reduce their initial investment in both time and money.

  1. Retrofit Products
    Many top manufacturers like Hubbell, Acuity, Eaton, and GE offer retrofit LEDs outfitted with kits that remove the need to replace the entire fixture. Considerable savings are achieved in only replacing the bulb. Not to mention the time saved on installation.

  2. Free Energy Audits
    My employer, Crescent Electric Supply Company, and others like it offer free energy audits. Energy Solutions Specialists come to your facility to survey your current infrastructure. They consolidate their analysis into a simple report that helps you understand your current energy demands and includes recommended energy-saving solutions.

  3. Rebates
    Many cities and states have utility rebates to entice businesses to operate greener. These rebates are slowly dissipating as legislation becomes stricter on environmental requirements. Some companies, like Crescent Electric, help you research these rebates and apply for them on your behalf for your redemption before they disappear.

  4. Increased Financing Options
    The growing demand for retrofits has created new financing options for facilities that couldn’t typically afford the initial investment. There are many options available but all essentially fall into two buckets – operating leases or capital leases. It’s important to understand your options. Companies like mine can provide counsel on the financing that will best fit your needs.

  5. RoHS Compliant Recycling Programs
    Most of my customers who update to LED lighting are replacing their outdated fluorescent lights. Unfortunately, fluorescent lights contain mercury and cannot just be thrown away. It can be a pain to properly dispose of an entire facility’s fluorescent lighting. Luckily, many areas have RoHS compliant recycling programs to safely dispose of replaced fluorescents and if you’re teaming with an energy solutions team like Crescent Electric, they can find these programs for you.

  6. Group Purchasing Organizations
    Many Operation and Facilities Managers don’t realize their larger institution is part of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) which entitles them to product discounts and other services that can help reduce costs and expedite the process.

Whether you’re feeling the strain of an aging infrastructure, the weight of rising energy costs, or the pressure of increasing environmental regulations – you need to quickly analyze and efficiently update your lighting packages. I’m hoping the tricks and resources listed will be an aid to achieve your goals. However, if you’re looking for an energy solutions partner to help do the work for you at no additional cost, please reach out to me to begin collaboration.