Top 5 Healthcare Facility Innovations for 2019


Top 5 Healthcare Facility Innovations for 2019

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Your health care facility has unique demands heightened by the critical nature of patient care. Leveraging innovative technology increases people and facility performance. Those efficiencies better your cost savings and customer service. In an industry as stressful as health care, you need innovation that doesn’t come at the cost of reliability and safety. Our strategic supplier partnerships allow us to present the most innovative, reliable lighting solutions you’ll find in 2019. Read more to see what we’re most excited about.

  1. Tunable Lighting
    More than aesthetic design, tunable white lighting by Acuity, uses circadian rhythm to scientifically adjust the lighting of your facility. Circadian rhythm monitors the 24-hour cycle of lighting, measuring changes in tones and quality. Acuity’s scenes and modes adjust the warmth and tone of your lighting throughout the day to remove bio-active blue light and encourage occupants to be more focused, relaxed or energetic.

  2. Retrofits
    Want the benefits of LED lighting without the cost to upgrade? GE is now providing a cost and time effective solution for facilities to upgrade from linear fluorescents to LED tubes. Your facility won’t need to undergo downtime for installation and can avoid costly fixture replacements because you only need to replace the bulb. Along with 2.3x longer life, 43% less energy usage, and better quality of light, GE’s LED tubes come with a shatter-resistant plastic option to prevent breakage, further decreasing downtime. GE’s bulbs boast integrated, ballast bypass and remote driver technology in 2, 3, 4 and 8 ft. lengths and U-tubes.

  3. Smart Technology
    Everyone’s talking “smart” technology. But the smart technology that’s going to save you money is what made the top of our list. Eaton’s Luma Watt Pro is an IoT –equipped connected lighting system. The distributed network of smart LED light fixtures boast sensing and beacon technology capturing real-time data to maximize potential energy savings with fixture-by-fixture controllability.

  4. Hospital Grade
    In addition to complying with the general use receptacle Listing requirements, Leviton’s hospital grade plugs, connectors, and receptacles incorporate additional construction features and undergo added testing to ensure added performance – grounding reliability, assembly integrity, and strength and durability tests. The trusted and trialed stability will surely keep your facility up-and-running, removing the guesswork out of what went wrong

  5. Antimicrobial
    Leviton’s antimicrobial wallplate, Lev-Lok diminishes the spread of germs in your healthcare facility and can be switched out regularly. Its innovative design allows for a quick and safe change not requiring you to shut down the circuit, resulting in 3x faster project completion vs. traditional wiring. The antimicrobial additive inhibits the growth of mildew, fungi and other odor-causing bacteria on frequently used wallplates in between your normal cleanings.

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