Generate Long-Term Savings on Utility Bills and Overall Maintenance Costs

Author: Grant Braverman | Energy Business Development Manager | Las Vegas, NV

Good electrical distributors help you save resources and take advantage of all available rebates and incentives.


Crescent Electric Supply Company offers a wide range of energy solutions that will generate long-term savings on your utility bills and overall maintenance costs. Our energy solution team has the ability to handle the utility rebate portion of your project for you or your customer. These applications can be very time consuming and need to be filled out accurately to qualify.

At Crescent Electric, we offer professional assistance; experts who can help handle this rebate paperwork for you. Rebate programs vary across the country, but regardless of where you are located, they can offer a quicker ROI and help offset the cost of many energy solutions products and their installations.

For your hard-to-recycle products, Crescent Electric offers recycling kits that help lower your long-term maintenance costs. This solution assists you in removing and recycling old electronics and lighting. All you have to do is purchase a kit, fill it up, apply the included (prepaid) return shipping label, and send it back. You'll be given detailed instructions with your recycling kit and, after it’s received, you’ll be able to view your recycle certificate online.

From the initial energy audit, to material specification, to utility rebates, to recycling, Crescent Electric's experts have you covered from start to finish. Contact your local Crescent Electric branch today for more information.