Extend Your Electrical Equipment Assets Lifetime with Preventive Maintenance


Extend Your Electrical Equipment Assets Lifetime with Preventive Maintenance

By: Roger Casellas, Schneider Electric
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The idea of “prevention is better than cure” is applicable to many situations and sectors in life, and in business. I’m sure you know the importance of keeping your Electrical Distribution system up and running to ensure the continuity of the production and avoid further problems such as fires or explosions. The first cause of fire in industrial sites is electrical equipment failure and 56% of all electrical fires are due to lack of proper maintenance. Thus, “prevention is better than cure” is the mantra that has led the industry to work towards preventive maintenance.

Asset Advisor helps with risk management

Thanks to our partner, Schneider Electric and their EcoStruxure IoT-enabled architecture and platform, we are able to offer a predictive maintenance system, under the name of EcoStrusure Asset Advisor, that allows you to efficiently manage your day to day operations with cloud-based monitoring and smart alarming services for electrical distribution. Furthermore, you have access 24/7 to specialists that study the equipment from a service bureau.

It’s an end-to-end service supported by experts and a platform that provide actionable recommendations helping you make the right operation and maintenance decisions at the right time while allowing fast reactivity in case of emergency.

React before it happens

  1. Monitor

    • 24/7 remote monitoring of critical assets

    • Live data on your PC and your smartphone

  2. Receive notifications and analyze

    • Asset health alerts and smart alarms

    • Maintenance notifications

    • Energy consumption data

  3. Leverage and act

    • 24/7 access to Service Bureau

    • Identify threats to the availability and quality of your electrical installation

    • Reports on asset health


A very simple way to achieve operational excellence addressing critical assets issues faster and, consequently, extend the lifetime of your connected assets. If you can prevent failure, you’ll have better control of corrective maintenance and energy costs. Along with all this, thanks to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor it’s possible to detect abnormal conditions earlier which makes the environment safer for your workers and your equipment.

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