Your Solution Provider

Crescent Electric is more than just a wholesaler. We’ve spent the last 100 years collaborating with suppliers and customers to offer expertise and refined, trusted solutions - resulting in cost savings and increased efficiencies for clients.


JOB SITE Services

  • Material Staging - bonded and insured product storage at our warehouse for delivery to your job site when you need it - preventing delays, reducing costs, and ensuring complete shipments.

  • Product Kitting - customized packaging with the ability to kit, crate and ship large components directly to your job site - creating efficiencies and providing more accuracy.

  • Wire Management - color feeders, paralleling, and a specialty wire cutting staff to provide accuracy and quality while you choose YOUR color, type, size and length. All of this for building wire, medium voltage cable, data network cable, A/V cable and fiber.

  • Inventory Management - on-site inventory solutions and an automated inventory replenishment process with an easy-to-use app to drive order accuracy and productivity while reducing operating costs. Learn more how StockNOW can reduce your overhead and time.

  • Optimized Delivery and Logistics - real-time delivery status with the ability to pinpoint a delivery at any time from built-in GPS.

  • Warehouse Management - centralized, efficient management of purchasing, receipt of material, stocking shelves, invoicing and more.

Locate your nearest branch to visit our energy solution specialists and learn more about our job site solutions.

Consultative and Digital Services

  • eCommerce - real time access to your order history and inventory with the ability to check local product availability 24/7, compare products side-by-side and place orders for will call, Crescent Truck or FedEx delivery.

  • Comprehensive energy analysis, design and engineering solutions, quote and rebate assistance

  • Engineering Services - pre and post-sale technical support from experienced engineers for everyday industrial needs and product procurement.

  • Microsite Integration - easier ordering through personalized microsites

  • Training - safety, product and application training

Financial Services

Crescent Electric Supply Company offers 100% project financing for energy efficient projects. Providing both operating and capital lease financing, we partner with you to find your best financing solution.

Operation Financing: Sparkfund is Crescent Electric’s embedded financing partner. They enable Crescent to offer customers a monthly payment option instead of paying upfront. Customers can see savings from day one, and pay off the project over time.

Captial Lease Financing: Crescent Electric partners with BluePath to finance efficiency and distributed generation projects. Together we can provide timely energy solutions over a broad range of projects.

Review our project financing brochure for more information.